About Haloloungemiami


Haloloungemiami is a fashion brand accessible to anyone in France and Canada. Haloloungemiami is a private corporate company that is based in North America.

Dihnas provide high quality products and services to set celinets for success. Haloloungemiami serves customers services such as "Dress Me up" to boost self-confidence and self growth.

Products and Services

Dress Me Up! A collection of pre-selected Women and Men's clothings to your preferences by professional stylist with ten years expertise in fashion industry. We offer wide variety of sizes for men and women.

Need a hand picking an outfit for a special occasion? We'll Get You Set! We offer Personal consultations for styling, which suits everyone. You can select products based on occasions. With one on one conversations, your style will be matched with our luxuries garments.


(CEO) and President -- Meet Nahid Hashemi, an organizer, director, sales expert, accountant, business and product specialist with marketing and industry experience. She puts together resources to support dihans and uses marketing expertise to showcase dihans beautiful garments. She has established multiple roles and gained over 10 years of expertise in the fashion, business and marketing industry. 

(CIO) -- Firooz Housainee, is an experienced business, and system analyst with extensive in IT project management and operations. He is responsible for Dihnas information management.