Top Event Planning Company in NYC

Aw man, I was reminiscing about a party I went to in New York City. It was unbelievable. The event planner did an excellent and meticulous job putting every aspect of the party together. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. The food was excellent, and the staff were simply awesome. They were very friendly, but not in everyone’s face like some places.

Event Planning Companies nyc

I actually saw a video with one of the planners from the company, Choice Productions. Check out one of the top event planning companies in nyc.

New York City is one of the cities for events, and parties. I love going there to participate. There are so many different planners with all of their different styles. I must say that I love the job Choice Productions did, and think that I will recommend them to all of my friends in the future.

New Jersey Churches

Being from the Miami area, we have all types of churches. I like going to non denominational christian churches because I find the pastors make their sermon more relatable. I was in NJ last weekend, and I went with a friend to a church called Hope Cathedral in Jackson NJ. The church was awesome, and the pastor was awesome. I felt like he was talking to me. His sermon was easy to understand, and I can apply it to my everyday life.

If you live in New Jersey have been searching for churches in NJ, you need to check out Hope Cathedral. The people are very friendly. They hug you, and seem to genuinely care for you.

Great NYC Staffing Company

Staffing in NYCHey People of Miami,

If know someone that is throwing a party in the tri-state area, New York City my hometown, you should definitely let them know to take a look at the company “Event Staffing Pros“. I was up there for the week helping my friend organize a huge fundraiser, and these guys and girls were fabulous.

The company also recommended the caterer, who’s edamame hummus was to die for. It was so good. The chicken skewers with peanut sauce was… You get the point. The food was phenomenal.

Now, let me tell you something about the Event Staff. I have been to a lot of events in Miami, small to large. I have seen some courteous and professional servers, but the staff at this event were probably the best I have ever seen.

For one, I didn’t see one sad face, anyone checking their phone, or chewing on food. They were very helpful, always smiling, extra good looking (that’s one thing NYC and Miami servers have in common), and the servers were like ninjas. You knew they were there, because there was always food around. You never saw any dirty dishes laying around. There was always a drink to grab. I never felt like they interrupted my conversation. These guys were exceptional… ninja servers.

So fellow Miami folks, recommend these guys to your NYC friends. I promise that they won’t regret it.